National Surfing Physics Unit 4

  • Brian Shadwick
  • Science Press
  • 2016
  • ISBN: 9780855836795

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Each book in the Surfing series contains a summary, with occasional more detailed sections, of all the mandatory parts of the syllabus, along with questions and answers.
All types of questions – multiple choice, short response, structured response and free response – are provided.
Questions are written in exam style so that you will become familiar with the concepts of the topic and answering questions in the required way.
Answers to all questions are included.
A topic test at the end of the book contains an extensive set of summary questions. These cover every aspect of the topic, and are useful for revision and exam practice.

Table of Contents

Words to Watch
Special Relativity
1 Relativity in the 1600s
2 The Aether Drag Theories
3 Relativity 1870 to 1895
4 From 1895 to Einstein
5 Einstein and Beyond
6 Frames of Reference
7 Galilean Transformations
8 Extension: Relativistic Velocities
9 Einstein’s First Thought Experiment
10 Time Dilation
11 Length Contraction
12 Relativistic Mass
13 Relativistic momentum
14 Extension: Have Spaceship, Can’t Travel!
15 Validation of Special Relativity
16 Combined Relativity Questions
17 The Mass-Energy Relationship and Nuclear Energy
18 Ring Laser Gyroscopes
19 Medical Uses of Radioisotopes
20 Industrial Uses of Radioisotopes
21 Agricultural Uses of Radioisotopes
22 The Nuclear Problem
23 Concerns about Nuclear Energy
24 The Impact of a Nuclear Accident
Quantum Theory
25 Atomic Spectra
26 Max Planck – The Beginning of Quantum Theory
27 Wien’s Displacement Law
28 Energy from the Sun
29 The Earth’s Energy Balance
30 Albert Einstein – The Photoelectric Effect
31 Analysing an Experiment
32 Another Photoelectric Experiment
33 Colour Versus Photoenergy
34 The Rutherford Atom
35 The Bohr Atom
36 Limitations of Bohr’s Model
37 Bohr and De Broglie
38 Schrödinger and Heisenberg 1925-1926
39 Pauli, Quantum Numbers, and the Exclusion Principle 1925
40 The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle 1927
41 Paul Dirac Continuing the Quantum Model 1926
42 Interference Supports the Dual Wave-Particle Model
The Standard Model
43 The Standard Model of Matter
44 Components of the Standard Model
45 More about Quarks
46 More about Leptons
47 Baryon Numbers
48 Lepton Numbers
49 The Four Fundamental Forces
50 More about Bosons
51 Simple Reaction Diagrams
52 Lepton Weak Interactions
53 Crossing Symmetry
54 Crossing Symmetry Predictions
55 More Complicated Vertices
56 Uncovering Matter Particles
57 Nuclear Accelerators
58 The Higgs Boson
59 Ideas Leading to the Big Bang Theory
60 The Steady State Theory
61 The Big Bang Theory
62 Evidence for the Big Bang 1
63 Evidence for the Big Bang 2
64 Analysing Experimental Data
Topic Test
Data Sheet
Periodic Table

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