National Surfing Chemistry Unit 4

  • Marilyn Schell, Margaret Hogan
  • Science Press
  • 2016
  • ISBN: 9780855836863

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Each book in the Surfing series contains a summary, with occasional more detailed sections, of all the mandatory parts of the syllabus, along with questions and answers.
All types of questions – multiple choice, short response, structured response and free response – are provided.
Questions are written in exam style so that you will become familiar with the concepts of the topic and answering questions in the required way.
Answers to all questions are included.
A topic test at the end of the book contains an extensive set of summary questions. These cover every aspect of the topic, and are useful for revision and exam practice.

Table of Contents

Words to Watch
Properties and Structure of Organic Materials
1 Organic Molecules
2 Naming Organic Chemicals
3 Structural and Geometric Isomers
4 Alcohols
5 Ethanol
6 Carboxylic Acids
7 Esters
8 Esterification
9 Amines
10 Amides
11 Aldehydes and Ketones
12 Identifying Types of Organic Compounds
13 Organochlorides
14 Redox Reactions and Organic Compounds
15 Proteins
16 Protein Structure
17 Carbohydrates – Monosaccharides and Disaccharides
18 Carbohydrates – Polysaccharides
19 Synthetic Polymers
20 Biopolymers
21 Mass Spectrometry
22 The Electromagnetic Spectrum
23 X-ray Crystallography
24 Infra-red Spectroscopy
25 Revision of Properties and Structure of Organic Materials
Chemical Synthesis and Design
26 Industrial Chemistry
27 Shrinking World Resources
28 Chemical Synthesis
29 Synthesis of Cleaning Products
30 Detergents
31 Inorganic Reaction Pathways
32 Organic Reaction Pathways
33 Reagents, Conditions and Yield
34 Green Chemistry
35 Synthesis of Polymers
36 Synthesis of Fuels
37 Industrial Synthesis of Ethanol
38 Molecular Manufacturing Processes
39 Revision of Chemical Synthesis and Design
40 Revision of Structure, Synthesis and Design
Topic Test
Data Sheet
Periodic Table

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