National Q&A Physics Unit 4

  • Brian Shadwick
  • Science Press
  • 2015
  • ISBN: 9780855837235

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Words to Watch
Special Relativity
Set 1 Frames of Reference
Set 2 Galilean Transformations
Set 3 Constancy of the Speed of Light
Set 4 Galilean and Relativistic Transformations
Set 5 Consequences of Einstein’s Postulates
Set 6 Time Dilation
Set 7 Length Contraction
Set 8 Relativistic Mass
Set 9 Some Combined Relativity Questions
Set 10 Relativistic Momentum
Set 11 Equivalence of Mass and Energy
Set 12 Mass-Energy Relationship and Nuclear Energy
Set 13 Ring Laser Gyroscopes
Set 14 Medical Uses of Radioisotopes
Set 15 Industrial Uses of Radioisotopes
Set 16 Agricultural Uses of Radioisotopes
Set 17 The Nuclear Problem
Set 18 Development of Relativity
Quantum Theory
Set 19 Atomic Spectra
Set 20 Max Planck – The Beginning of Quantum Theory
Set 21 Wien’s Displacement Law
Set 22 Energy from the Sun
Set 23 The Earth’s Energy Balance
Set 24 The Rutherford Atom
Set 25 The Bohr Atom
Set 26 Energy Levels and the Bohr Atom
Set 27 Limitations of the Bohr Model
Set 28 Bohr and De Broglie
Set 29 Pauli, Quantum Numbers and the Exclusion Principle
Set 30 Schrödinger, Heisenberg and Dirac
Set 31 Albert Einstein and the Photoelectric Effect
Set 32 More about the Photoelectric Effect
Set 33 A Work Function Experiment
Set 34 Interference Supports the Dual Wave / Particle Model
The Standard Model
Set 35 The Standard Model of Matter
Set 36 Components of the Standard Model
Set 37 More about Quarks
Set 38 More about Leptons
Set 39 Baryon Numbers
Set 40 Lepton Numbers
Set 41 The Four Fundamental Forces
Set 42 More about Bosons
Set 43 Simple Reaction Diagrams
Set 44 Lepton Weak Interactions
Set 45 Crossing Symmetry
Set 46 Crossing Symmetry Predictions
Set 47 More Complicated Vertices
Set 48 Uncovering Matter Particles
Set 49 Nuclear Accelerators
Set 50 The Higgs Boson
Set 51 Ideas Leading to the Big Bang Theory
Set 52 The Steady State Theory
Set 53 The Big Bang Theory
Set 54 Evidence for the Big Bang
Data Sheet
Periodic Table

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