National Q&A Physics Unit 3

  • Brian Shadwick
  • Science Press
  • 2016
  • ISBN: 9780855837228

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Words to Watch
Gravity and Motion
Set 1 Mass and Weight
Set 2 Gravitational Field
Set 3 Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation
Set 4 Gravitational Potential Energy
Set 5 Changes in Gravitational Potential Energy
Set 6 Motion on an Inclined Plane
Set 7 Projectile Motion 1: Projectile Launched Horizontally
Set 8 Projectile Motion 2: Projectile Landing at Same Level as Launched
Set 9 Projectile Motion 3: Projectile Landing at Different Level to Launch
Set 10 Analysing Projectile Motion Diagrams
Set 11 Uniform Circular Motion
Set 12 Circular Motion on an Inclined Track
Set 13 Orbital Velocity
Set 14 Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion
Set 15 Kepler’s Law of Periods
Set 16 Escape Velocity
Set 17 Electrostatic Charge
Set 18 Coulomb’s Law
Set 19 Electric Field
Set 20 Electric Field Strength
Set 21 Force on a Charge in an Electric Field
Set 22 Electric Field Strength Between Parallel Plates
Set 23 Work Done By a Field
Set 24 Magnetic Field Around Straight Conductors
Set 25 Magnetic Fields and Solenoids
Set 26 Magnetic Flux and Flux Density
Set 27 Moving Charges in a Magnetic Field 1
Set 28 Moving Charges in a Magnetic Field 2
Set 29 Moving Charges in a Magnetic Field 3
Set 30 The Motor Effect 1
Set 31 The Motor Effect 2
Set 32 Forces on Straight Conductors in Magnetic Fields
Set 33 Torque on a Coil 1
Set 34 Torque on a Coil 2
Set 35 Simple DC Motors
Set 36 Simple AC Motors
Set 37 Faraday and Induction
Set 38 Lenz’s Law and Electromagnetic Induction
Set 39 Lenz’s Law and Coils
Set 40 Eddy Currents
Set 41 Back Emf in Motors
Set 42 Transformers
Set 43 Transformers and Electricity Transmission
Set 44 The DC Generator
Set 45 The AC Generator
Set 46 Comparing DC and AC Generators and Motors
Set 47 The AC Induction Motor
Set 48 Electromagnetic Waves
Set 49 Superconductors
Set 50 Magnetic Levitation
Set 51 Using Superconducting Technology for Maglev
Set 52 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Data Sheet
Periodic Table

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