Mighty Mitch!: 3 – Clash of the Keepers!

  • Mitchell Starc, Illustrated by Philip Bunting
  • Scholastic
  • 1/6/2018
  • ISBN: 9781742769158

RRP: $12.99 (Inc. GST)


here’s a new kid in town and he wants Mitch’s wicketkeeping spot. The gloves are on! Get ready for a mighty Clash of the Keepers! Mitchell Starc and Marshall Spark have got loads in common. They both like keeping. They both like opening the batting. Even their names sound the same! So what’s driving Mitch bananas? * Marshall is completely, totally, epically ANNOYING! * Mitch’s mate Josh has a PRANKING PLAN (which will probably get Mitch in trouble too) * Someone in the team has BANANA GLOVES . . . and it’s really gross! * The Wombats have ONE LAST CHANCE to make the semi-finals Can they do it? Or will they muck it up BIG TIME?! Find out in this action-filled, hilarious new book created by cricket superstar Mitchell Starc!

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