Mastering Physics NSW: Module 8 – From the Universe to the Atom

  • Brian Shadwick
  • Science Press
  • 2020
  • ISBN: 9780855838270

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Each book in Mastering Physics NSW includes

  • Words to Watch,
  • Sample questions for each dot point of the Module,
  • Reference notes,
  • Answers,
  • Data Sheet,
  • Formula Sheet,
  • Periodic Table

Table of Contents

Origins Of the Elements
8.1 The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang theory
Evidence for the Big Bang theory
8.2 Ideas Leading To the Big Bang Theory 
Ideas leading to the Big Bang theory
Analysing Hubble data
8.3 The Mass-Energy Relationship 
8.4 Atomic Spectra 
8.5 Stellar Spectra and Classification 
Stellar spectra and classification
Wien’s displacement law
8.6 The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram 
The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
The evolution of stars
8.7 The Proton-Proton Chain and the CNO Cycle
The proton-proton chain
The CNO cycle
Energy from the Sun
The Structure Of the Atom
8.8 Cathode Rays and Discharge Tubes 
8.9 Thomson’s Experiment 1897 
8.10 Millikan’s Oil Drop Experiment 1909 
8.11 The Geiger-Marsden Experiment 1909 
8.12 Rutherford’s Model Of the Atom 1911 
8.13 Limitations Of the Rutherford 
Model Of the Atom
8.14 The Discovery Of the Neutron 1932 
Quantum Mechanical Nature Of the Atom
8.15 The Bohr Atom 1913 
The Bohr atom 1913
Hydrogen and the Bohr atom
8.16 Analysing the Atomic Spectrum Of Hydrogen
8.17 Limitations Of the Bohr Atom 
8.18 Bohr (1922) and De Broglie (1924) 
8.19 Schrödinger 1926 
Properties Of the Nucleus
8.20 The Strong Nuclear Force 
The strong nuclear force
Nuclear decay
Why some nuclei decay
Properties of alpha, beta and gamma rays
8.21 Alpha, Beta and Gamma Decay 
8.22 The Half-Life Of Nuclides 
The half-life of nuclides
Analysing a half-life experiment
8.23 Fermi’s Model Of a Chain Reaction 1942
Fermi’s Model Of a Chain Reaction 1942
Controlled and uncontrolled chain reactions
8.24 Binding Energy, Mass Defect and Nuclear Reactions
8.25 Nuclear Fission and Fusion Reactions 
Nuclear fission and fusion reactions
Neutron induced fission
The uranium decay series
8.26 Spontaneous and Artificial Transformations
Deep Inside the Atom
8.27 The Standard Model 
8.28 Components Of the Standard Model 
Components of the standard model
More about quarks
More about leptons
The four fundamental forces
More about bosons
8.29 Discovering Matter Particles 
Discovering matter particles
Nuclear accelerators – linear accelerators
Nuclear accelerators – cyclotrons
Nuclear accelerators – synchrotrons
Data Sheet
Formula Sheet
Periodic Table

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