Mastering Physics NSW: Module 3 – Waves and Thermodynamics

  • Brian Shadwick
  • Science Press
  • 2020
  • ISBN: 9780855838225

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Each book in Mastering Physics NSW includes

  • Words to Watch,
  • Sample questions for each dot point of the Module,
  • Reference notes,
  • Answers,
  • Data Sheet,
  • Formula Sheet,
  • Periodic Table

Table of Contents

Words to Watch
Wave Characteristics
3.1/2 Role of the Medium Carrying Wave Energy
3.3 Transverse and Longitudinal Matter Waves
3.4 Electromagnetic Waves 
Electromagnetic waves
Some general wave questions
3.5 The Wave Equation 
3.6 Analysing Wave Graphs 
Analysing wave graphs 1
Analysing wave graphs 2
Analysing soundwaves
Wave Behaviour and The Ray Model Of Light
3.7 Reflection 
Reflection in a plane mirror
Reflection from plane surfaces
Reflection from curved surfaces
3.8 Refraction 
Refraction 1
Refraction 2
3.9 Refraction and Snell’s Law 
Refraction and Snell’s law
Practical analysis – critical angle and total internal reflection
3.10 Analysing Refraction and Total Internal Reflection Experiments
Analysing a refraction experiment
Analysing a total internal reflection experiment
Some more refraction problems
3.11 Diffraction 
3.12 Progressive and Stationary Waves 
3.13 Superposition Of Waves 
Superposition of waves
Superimposing waves
3.14 Mechanical Resonance
Mechanical resonance
Analysing experimental data
3.15 Forming Images With Mirrors and Lenses 
Forming images with concave mirrors
Forming images with convex mirrors
Forming images with convex lenses
Forming images with concave lenses
3.16 Dispersion Of Light 
3.17/18 The Inverse Square Law 
3.19/20/21 More About Soundwaves
3.22 Investigating the Reflection Of Soundwaves
Reflection of soundwaves – experiment
3.23 Diffraction Of Soundwaves – Experiments
3.24 Acoustic Resonance Experiments 
3.25 Standing Waves In Strings 
3.26 Standing Waves In Pipes 
3.27/28 Superposition Of Soundwaves 
3.29 The Doppler Effect 
The Doppler effect
Mathematics of the Doppler effect
3.30 The Kinetic Theory Of Matter 
The kinetic theory of matter
Kinetic theory and properties of matter
Temperature and the kinetic theory
Changes of state and the kinetic theory
3.31 Thermal Equilibrium 
Explain the concept of thermal equilibrium
3.32 Transferring Heat Energy 
3.33 Analysing Heat Energy Transfer 
3.34 Heat Conduction, Convection and Radiation
Heat conduction
Heat convection
Heat radiation
3.35 Changes Of State and Latent Energy 
3.36/37 Thermal Conductivity 
Data Sheet
Formula Sheet
Periodic Table

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