Mastering Physics NSW: Module 2 – Dynamics

  •  Brian Shadwick
  • Science Press
  • 2020
  • ISBN: 9780855838218

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Each book in Mastering Physics NSW includes

  • Words to Watch,
  • Sample questions for each dot point of the Module,
  • Reference notes,
  • Answers,
  • Data Sheet,
  • Formula Sheet,
  • Periodic Table

Table of Contents

Words to Watch
2.1 Forces, Equilibrium and Newton’s First Law
Types of forces
Equilibrium and Newton’s first law
2.2/3 Forces In One and Two Dimensions 
Forces in one and two dimensions – vector revision
Forces in two dimensions 1
Forces in two dimensions 2
Force, Acceleration and Energy
2.4 Newton’s First Law Of Motion and Friction
Newton’s first law of motion and inertia
The role of friction
Coefficient of friction
2.5 Newton’s Second Law Of Motion 
Newton’s second law: F = ma
Newton’s second law – qualitative descriptions
2.6/7 Analysing Motion Experiments 
Analysing a motion experiment 1
Analysing a motion experiment 2
Analysing a motion experiment 3
Analysing motion
2.8 Motion Of Objects On Inclined Planes
Analysing an experiment – inclined plane
Motion on an inclined plane
2.9 Newton’s Third Law 
2.10 Work Done By Forces 
2.11 Force-Displacement Graphs 
2.12 Power and Gravitational Potential Energy
Gravitational potential energy
2.13 Energy Transformations Near Earth’s Surface
2.14 Horizontal Blocks In Contact and Masses Connected By Strings
Horizontal blocks in contact
Masses connected by strings – horizontal surface
Masses connected by vertical strings
Momentum, Energy and Simple Systems
2.15 Impulse, Momentum and Road Safety 
Impulse and momentum
Momentum and road safety
2.16 Colliding Objects 
Colliding objects 1
Colliding objects 2
Colliding objects 3
Colliding objects 4
2.17 One-Dimensional Interactions Of Objects
Analyse experimental data – one dimension
2.18 Two-Dimensional Interactions Of Objects
Analyse experimental data – two dimensions
2.19 Collisions In Two Dimensions 
2.20 Force-Time Graphs 
Force-time graphs
Force and time in collisions
2.21/22 Elastic and Inelastic Collisions
Data Sheet
Formula Sheet
Periodic Table

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