Maisy Gets a Pet

  • Lucy Cousins
  • Walker Books
  • 02/06/2021
  • ISBN: 9781406394467

RRP: $12.99 (Inc. GST)


Maisy is getting a pet! Join her as she chooses the perfect kitten and takes it home to look after. This bright and humorous story is ideal for teaching little ones about responsible pet ownership.

Penguin’s cat has had kittens, and Maisy is taking one home! First she chooses a name for her new friend: Little Black Cat. Next, she learns how to look after a pet responsibly by feeding it, handling it gently, cleaning up after it and taking it to the vet! There’s plenty of time for playing, too! This adorable and humorous story is full of fun and gives clear instructions on how to look after a furry friend. An ideal book for teaching little ones about responsible pet ownership.

  • A humorous and utterly adorable Maisy First Experiences book, all about getting a first pet.
  • Perfect for teaching toddlers about responsible pet ownership, from being patient and gentle to vet visits and playing games!
  • Lucy Cousins’ books have sold over 45 million copies worldwide and are available in 33 different languages.

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