Kabuki: Five Classic Plays

  • Translated by James R. Brandon
  • Hawaii University Press
  • 1/12/1992
  • ISBN: 9780824814267

RRP: $69.95 (Inc. GST)


While its actors made their entrace down the Flower Way over three hundred years ago, little of kabuki’s repertory has been available to English readers. Not only are adequate translations difficult to produce, but also because the spoken parts of the drama constitute but a portion of that grand spectacle, English renderings often have an elliptical quality.These five plays, however, were translated from tapes made by James Brandon at actual performances, imparting to them an unusual immediacy. The superb translations are further enhanced by detailed commentary and stage directions that reflect music and sound effects as well as positions of actors on stage and their stylized gestures and posturing, all of which are such a vital part of a live performance.

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