Jacaranda Science Quest: 10 AC [Text + LearnON] [For the Aust Curriculum] 4e

  • Graeme Lofts & Merrin J Evergreen
  • Paperback+Digital Access
  • John Wiley & Sons Australia
  • 01/10/2023
  • ISBN: 9781394151431

RRP: $75.00 (Inc. GST)


For the Australian Curriculum v9.0

Australia’s most supportive Science resource

Developed by expert teachers, every lesson is carefully designed to support learning online, offline, in class, and at home.

The Brand NEW Jacaranda Science Quest 7-10 AC 4e series includes these key features:

  • Teach your class your way, with customisable ready-made lessons completely aligned to Australian Curriculum 9.0.
  • Every lesson contains simplified, pared back content – consistent across all formats – learnON, PDF and Print.
  • Spark students’ curiosity with engaging content, diagrams and illustrations, and digital resources including interactivities, videos, weblinks and projects.
  • Explicit development of Science Inquiry skills (SIS) that is embedded throughout the content and questions, Science Inquiry SkillBuilders, and dedicated introduction to science topics.
  • Auto-marked quick quiz questions for each lesson, to allow teachers a quick snapshot of each student.
  • Differentiated question sets at 3 levels with immediate feedback in every lesson to enable students to challenge themselves at their own level.
  • eWorkbook that allows teachers and students to download additional activities to support deeper learning.
  • Practical investigation eLogbooks provide additional differentiated, and customisable activities to consolidate learning and further develop students’ skills.
  • Learning intentions and success criteria for every subtopic, so students understand what they need learn and can give feedback on their own progress.
  • teachON delivers enhanced teaching support resources including differentiated lesson support and teaching advice, work programs and quarantined and customisable assessments.
  • learnON is a powerful learning platform that allows you to adapt resources to suit your teaching style, create assignments and utilise analytic tools to map trends and progression of student achievement and performance.

Supporting Students

Whether students need a challenge or a helping hand, they have the tools to help them take the next step, in class and at home:

  • concepts brought to life with rich multi-media
  • easy navigation
  • differentiated pathways
  • immediate corrective feedback
  • sample responses for every question
  • personalised pathways that also allow for social learning
  • opportunities for remediation, extension, acceleration
  • tracking progress and growth

Supporting Teachers

Teachers are empowered to teach their class, their way with flexible resources perfect for teaching and learning:

  • 100’s of ready-made and customisable lessons
  • comprehensive Curriculum coverage and planning documentation
  • a variety of learning activities
  • assessment for, as and of learning
  • marking, tracking, monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • ability to add own materials

The best of both worlds! Get full access to learnON and the printed textbook. The learnON access code is printed on the inside of your textbook; this code will not be emailed to you.

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