Jacaranda Maths Quest: 12 – Foundation Mathematics VCE Units 3 & 4 [learnON] [For the Victorian Curriculum] 2e

  • Steven Morris, Sue Michell, Raymond Rozen, Margaret Swale
  • Digital
  • John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd
  • 18/11/2022
  • ISBN: 9781119876182

RRP: $50.00 (Inc. GST)


learnON is Jacaranda’s online immersive, multi-modal course for students and teachers with powerful analytics and much more. The learnON code (valid for one year) will be emailed to you.

For the VCAA Study Design (2023-2027) Units 1 – 4

Everything you need for your students to succeed.
The best Mathematics series for the new VCE Study Design. Developed by expert Victorian teachers for VCE students.

  • Tried, tested and trusted. The NEW Jacaranda Maths Quest VCE continues to deliver curriculum-aligned material that caters to students of all abilities.
  • Our expert author team of practising teachers and assessors ensures 100% coverage of the new VCE Mathematics Study Design (2023-2027). 
  • Access targeted questions sets including all relevant past VCAA exam questions since 2013. Ensure assessment preparedness with practice SACs for all Areas of Study. 
  • New! Teacher-led videos that unpack complex concepts, explain VCAA exam questions and sample problems and fill learning gaps left after the COVID-19 disruptions. 
  • New! Access the entire course anywhere, anytime, all in learnON:
    • Trusted content brought to life with embedded videos, interactivities and banks of digital resources.
    • Immediate feedback to help students get unstuck, with access to fully worked solutions (online and offline).
    • A testmaker where you can create custom tests from the complete bank of 1,000s of questions (including past VCAA exam questions).
    • Data analytics and instant reports provide data-driven insights into performance across the entire course.
    • Enhanced teacher support, including work programs, curriculum grids, quarantined tests and SACs complete with worked solutions and marking rubrics.
    • And much more! 

Sample Pages and Table of Contents

Topic 1: Calculations
Topic 2: Ratios, proportion and variation
Topic 3: Percentages
Topic 4: Linear and simultaneous equations
Topic 5: Data collection and organisation
Topic 6: Measures of central tendency and spread
Topic 7: Comparing data sets and long-term predictions
Topic 8: Simulations and simple probability
Topic 9: Interest and Loans
Topic 10: Financial and consumer mathematics
Topic 11: Scales, plans and models
Topic 12: Right-angled triangles
Topic 13: Practicalities of measurement
Topic 14: Volume
Topic 15: Shapes

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