Jacaranda Humanities Alive 9 Australian Curriculum 3e LearnON & Print

  • Darlington et al
  • Paperback & Digital
  • Jacaranda
  • 01/10/2023
  • ISBN: 9781394151028

RRP: $75.00 (Inc. GST)


For the Australian Curriculum v9.0

Australia’s most supportive Humanities resource

Developed by expert teachers, every lesson is carefully designed to support learning online, offline, in class, and at home.

The BRAND NEW Jacaranda Humanities Alive 7-10 AC 3e series includes these key features:

  • Teach your class your way, with the choice of four titles in one, or single-subject titles – all available in our interactive learnON course.
  • Expertly crafted by practising teachers, completely aligned to the new Australian Curriculum (v9.0), each and every Humanities Alive lesson includes:
  • Learning intentions – so students understand what they need learn and can give feedback on their own progress.
  • New! Tune in lesson starters. These versatile activities use source and figure analysis, skill activities and opportunities for collaboration and skill development, to warm up and introduce every concept.
  • Concepts are brought to life with engaging content and a wide range of rich interactive multimedia – including audio files and videos.
  • Differentiated question sets at 3 levels with immediate, corrective feedback and sample responses to ensure students can progress at their own pace.
  • teachON – Enhanced lesson planning and teaching support, including expert teaching advice, lesson plans, work programs and quarantined assessments.
  • New! Inquiry lessons provide a skill-structured deep dive into each topic using project-based learning.
  • New! Flexible teacher-led videos explain difficult concepts for pre- and post-learning, flipped classrooms, class discussions, remediation and more.
  • The much loved, SkillBuilders explore and develop key skills with our ‘Tell me, Show me, Let me do it!’ approach.
  • Downloadable eWorkbooks provide additional differentiated, customisable worksheet activities to further develop students’ skills.
  • Real-time results and data allow students to track and monitor their own progress while learning analytics provide teachers with valuable insight into student performance.

learnON is Jacaranda’s online immersive, multi-modal course for students and teachers with powerful analytics and much more. The learnON code (valid for one year) will be emailed to you.

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