Jacaranda Geoactive NSW: 1 5e [Text + LearnON]

  • Swanson et al
  • Jacaranda
  • ETA October 2021
  • ISBN: 9780730394297

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NSW’s favourite, Jacaranda Geoactive NSW Australian curriculum series, has been refreshed to reflect our changing world with new content, pedagogy and language, alongside new tools to spark students’ interest in Geography.

  • All question sets are differentiated for difficulty (levels 1, 2 and 3) and type (check, apply, challenge) – allowing students of all abilities to build their comprehension, application and higher-order  thinking skills
  • New, customisable eWorkbook included free, with over 160 scaffolded worksheets (all with sample answers for teachers)
  • New fieldwork worksheets designed to give teachers single-period, mini-projects to build students skills without needing to leave school grounds
  • SkillBuilders to develop students’ geographical skills in context
  • A comprehensive range of interactivities, concept explainer videos, weblinks and online content all embedded at the point of learning in learnON
  • One full-page topographic map and associated exercises per chapter so students can develop essential mapping skills (including a print-friendly PDF version)
  • Activities and teaching notes specifically addressing Life Skills outcomes
  • Question sets in print and online match one-to-one to allow different or flexible teaching approaches (with sample answers for every question)
  • Clear and well-scaffolded structure, content and language with explicit links to the NSW Australian Curriculum Geography Syllabus
  • Clear learning intentions and success criteria for every subtopic, so students understand what they need learn and can give feedback on their own sense of achievement


Topic 1: The world of Geography – View sample pages

UNIT 1: Landscape and landforms
Topic 2: The diversity and formation of landscapes and landforms
Topic 3: Valuing, managing and protecting landscapes and landforms
Topic 4: Desert landscapes
Topic 5: Mountain landscapes
Topic 6: Rainforest landscapes
Topic 7: Fieldwork inquiry: How does a waterway change from source to sea?

UNIT 2: Place and liveability
Topic 8: How liveability differs around the world
Topic 9: Choosing a place to live
Topic 10: Improving liveability
Topic 11: Geographical inquiry: My Place

UNIT 3: Water in the world
Topic 12: Water in the world – View sample pages
Topic 13: The value of water
Topic 14: Water scarcity and management
Topic 15: Wind and water hazards
Topic 16: Fieldwork inquiry: Water quality

UNIT 4: Interconnections
Topic 17: Travel and tourism
Topic 18: Transport and technology
Topic 19: Interconnection through trade
Topic 20: Connect, produce, consume
Topic 21: Fieldwork inquiry: Travel in the local community

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