Into English: Henry IV – Part 1 [Year 12 Advanced English Module B: Critical Study of Literature]

  • Emily Bosco & Anthony Bosco
  • Paperback
  • Into English
  • 01/03/2020
  • ISBN: 9781925771350

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Henry IV, Part I: A Critical Study of Literature engages students in an enjoyable and detailed study of William Shakespeare’s history play Henry IV, Part I for the NSW Stage 6 English Year 12 Module B: Critical Study of Literature. It has been designed to improve critical knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the play as a literary text.

In order to develop their own interpretation of Henry IV, Part I, students will engage in a variety of activities that require them to respond to the play in both critical and creative ways. This includes tasks that require students to compose in the imaginative, persuasive, and discursive styles of writing. By working their way through the different activities in this student book, students will improve their understanding of: the content of the play, its genre, the ideas and issues Shakespeare encourages audiences to think about, the language of the play, and its structure.

Students will also learn how to support their judgements about the play with evidence, along with developing their understanding of scholarly perspectives gathered from further independent research.

This student book is a highly valuable resource for students and teachers of the NSW Stage 6 English Year 12 Advanced Module B: Critical Study of Literature. It includes:

  • Engaging classroom activities to develop skills in analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of texts

  • Texts regarded as quality literature

  • Texts that represent a variety of cultural, social, and gender perspectives

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