Insight: Analysing Unseen Texts For English Standard & English Advanced

  • Amanda Lee
  • Paperback
  • Insight
  • 01/08/2023
  • ISBN: 9781923016262

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Student Workbook for Section 1, Paper 1

Analysing Unseen Texts is a workbook that teaches students the skills required for Section I, Paper 1 of the HSC English Examination. Students will learn about the structure of Section I, strategies that they can implement, and how to refine their writing and comprehension skills.

The workbook outlines strategies for analysing a range of text types to ensure students are familiar with the skills and concepts required. It includes numerous practice questions, and activities such as annotating sample questions, critically reviewing and rewriting sample responses, and reviewing marking criteria.

Analysing Unseen Texts includes:

  • An overview of Section I, Paper 1 of the HSC English Examination
  • Strategies for analysing texts, separated by text type
  • Tips on how to refine writing and comprehension skills
  • Writing activities and practice questions.

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