iiTomo 2 Student Book with eBook, 2nd Edition

  • Yoshie Burrows, Mami Izuishi, Yoko Nishimura-Parke, Rebecca Llewellyn
  • Pearson
  • 8/11/2018
  • ISBN: 9781488656729

RRP: $34.95 (Inc. GST)


iiTomo 1-4 2nd Edition Student Book for Years 7-10 was revised based on user feedback and is aligned with the latest Australian Curriculum: Languages – Japanese (Year 7 entry), Victorian Curriculum for the AC, Western Australian Curriculum for the AC and the new NSW Syllabus for the AC. It is now even more relevant to students and offers additional support for personalised learning.

Students are motivated and learn to become independent learners. They now possess the tools to read and write hiragana, katakana and kanji quickly and confidently, and to converse in Japanese as early as their first few weeks of Japanese, whilst using intercultural, investigative and critical thinking skills.

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Features of the iiTomo 1-4 2nd Edition Student Book

  • Each Student Book comes with eBook
  • Based on the latest research and user feedback on how students best learn Japanese
  • Retaining the features you love about iiTomo
  • Revised progression and language support to better support students in their learning of Japanese in the Australian Curriculum
  • Updated language, content and visuals to trigger interest, engage, be relevant and develop intercultural understanding
  • Modern refreshed design with meaningful use of elements and colour coding
  • Spiralling of learning
  • A wealth and variety of levelled reading texts and listening tracks
  • Updated chapter opening page:
    • New Let’s get started inquiry questions
    • New authentic visuals to spark interest and discussion in class
    • Updated learning outcomes
  • Updated end of chapter page:
    • Chapter core vocabulary
    • New Putting it all together 21st century cumulative tasks
  • New opportunity for extension with Power up!
  • New Reflection box to allow students to notice, compare, make meaning (inquiry and critical)
  • Written by an experienced teaching author team from across Australia
  • Reviewed by a variety of Japanese language educational experts and educators from across Australia .

Features of iiTomo 1-4 2nd Edition eBook for students

  • Interact with the eBook including audio tracks both online and offline
  • Contains all student book content
  • Access to audio files, animations, interactive games and videos
    • Audio tracks: Student Book audio, Activity Book audio and worksheets audio
    • Animations: grammar; stroke order for all hiragana, all katakana and chapter kanji
    • Videos: pronunciation; dialogue
  • Access to editable worksheets, weblinks and chapter vocabulary lists
  • A wealth of resources and choice of mode of delivery which allows for flexibility of learning and teaching.

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