iiTomo: 1 [Digital Only]

  • Yoshie Burrows, Mami Izuishi, Rebecca Llewellyn, Emma Lowry, Yoko Nishimura-Parke
  • Pearson
  • 18/10/2018
  • ISBN: 9781488672644

RRP: $26.20 (Inc. GST)


iiTomo 1-4 Second Edition Reader+ eBooks allow students and teachers to interact with Student Book content and much more, both online and offline. Access to audio tracks, worksheets, learning animations, interactive games and videos that can be used in many different ways; for example, grammar animations may be used in class (whole class or assigned to individuals), at home for flipped learning, or as catch up lessons and are a great way to discover or revisit language points in a different way.

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