ICE-EM Mathematics: 6 Online Teaching Suite [Interactive CambridgeGO] 3e

  • Becker et al
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 2017
  • ISBN: 9781108686150

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Designed to foster understanding and mastery of mathematics in every student

ICE-EM Mathematics Third Edition is designed to develop a strong foundation in mathematics for every student in Years 5 to 10/10A, and now offers a new level of digital support for teaching, learning, assessment and reporting.

Developed by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI), ICE-EM Mathematics helps students of all abilities to understand and master mathematics beyond the curriculum while building strong foundation skills.

ICE-EM Mathematics Third Edition supports the transition from primary to secondary mathematics. Beginning at Year 5, the careful and considered development of topics ensures that students using ICE-EM Mathematics at upper primary level are given the ideal preparation for succeeding in mathematics at secondary school.


The Online Teaching Suite includes:

  • the full interactive student resource, with the student text and interactive resources available in the one place. Teachers can also see students’ working, mark each response and give feedback.
  • customised tests from a bank of individually crafted questions. Tests can be printed or assigned online for automarking, and are suitable for assessment, homework tasks, practice quizzes and trial exams. The Test Generator comes with a set of ready-made tests, and teachers can also share their customised tests with others in the school, building a whole-school assessment bank.
  • the ability to record students’ scores on all textbook content as well as practice quizzes, and reports individual and class progress when linked to students using the Interactive Textbook (reports can also be printed to provide feedback).
  • a simple Task Manager allows teachers to assign specific activities to individuals, groups or whole classes, helping to differentiate learning. The Task Manager reports on task completion as well as results.
  • links to additional AMSI resources including the SAM and TIMES modules.


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