Ganz Genau! [NelsonNet Only] [1 Access Code Card]

  • Alison Bradbury, Catherine Jamieson, Edda Kamphues, Elaine Tarran and Karin Freeman
  • Cengage Learning
  • 8/7/2013
  • ISBN: 9780170257794

RRP: $38.95 (Inc. GST)


This is the DIGITAL ONLY version of the Ganz Genau! Student Book. The new editions of this junior secondary German series have been restructured and updated in response to teachers’ comments and changing emphases in the curriculum and technology. The best loved features have been continued, with rich video and digital resources and an emphasis on intercultural learning. Ganz Genau! is suitable for Years 9 and 10, and is the second book in the series.

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