Frank McGuinness Plays: 1 – Factory Girls, Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching towards the Somme; Innocence, Carthigians, Baglady

  • Frank McGuinness
  • Faber
  • 1/7/2005
  • ISBN: 9780571177400

RRP: $45.00 (Inc. GST)


This first collection by Frank McGuinness contains plays from the 1980s, including his major work of that decade, Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme, a powerful and profoundly moving study of a group of Ulster Protestant volunteers in the Great War. The book also contains Carthaginians, set in a Derry graveyard in the aftermath of the Bloody Sunday killings, Innocence, McGuinness’s vigorous drama based on the life of Caravaggio, The Factory Girls and Baglady.

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