Excel Success One: HSC Topic-by-Topic – Mathematics Extension 1

  • Paperback
  • Pascal Press
  • 01/04/2022
  • ISBN: 9781741257311

RRP: $29.96 (Inc. GST)



Revise the smart way! Use this guide during the year to practise HSC questions whenever you have completed a topic in class and need to study for a topic test, assessment task or lastly for the HSC Exam.

This all-new book includes:

  • Thirty years of past HSC questions—questions from the 1992 to 2021 HSC papers
  • Over 900 past HSC questions to practise that:
    • are conveniently organised into syllabus topics—this way you can revise each topic thoroughly when you finish studying it during Year 11 or 12, and then again when you are preparing for the HSC
    • are arranged with the most recent questions first—this way you can revise the most recent past HSC questions first
    • have their level of difficulty indicated—easy, medium or hard—so you can tailor your revision to your needs and get feedback on your proficiency in the topic
    • have fully worked solutions with ticks to indicate marks—this allows you to check how to do each question and to know the suggested mark allocation for each part of the working out.

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