Excel Naplan* Style Test Pack: Year 9

  • Alan Horsfield * Lisa Edwards * Lyn Baker
  • Pascal Press
  • 22/12/2009
  • ISBN: 9781741254952

RRP: $19.95 (Inc. GST)


This pack is designed for parents who want to help their children and for teachers who wish to prepare their class for the NAPLAN Tests. NAPL AN Tests are sat by Year 9 students Australia-wide. These tests are held in May every year. The tests are in Literacy and Numeracy. In Li teracy there are three tests: Reading – Comprehensi on: there are around 45 questions in this test. Language Conven tions – Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation: there are around 45 q uestions in this test. Writing – Written Expression: th ere is one piece of writing in each test. In Numeracy ther e are two tests. There are around 32 questions in this test. This prepar ation pack will ensure your student is 100% prepared for this important test. This pack contains: One Test Guide Book Two sample NAPLAN*-style Re ading and Language Conventions Tests Two sample NAPLAN*-style C alculator Allowed and Non-Calculator Numeracy Tests Three sampl e Tests each for Persuasive and Narrative Writing One month’s F REE access to www.exceltestzone.com.au to practise th ousands of high-quality questions

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