Excel Advanced Skills – Spelling and Vocabulary Workbook – Year 5 9781741252651

  • Kristine Brown
  • Pascal Press
  • 19/6/2007
  • ISBN: 9781741252651

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This book is part of the Excel Advanced Skills series, which provides students with more challenging extension work in vocabulary. p> The Excel series of Spelling and Vocabulary Workbooks for Years 1–6 will help primary sch ool students improve their spelling and vocabulary in English and i n other subjects. Each unit has a different theme and focuses on a set o f work dealing with words: what they mean and how to spell them. All act ivities are designed to encourage students to think about and enjoy lang uage, and to give them meaningful practice in using it. I n this book you will find: Fifteen self-contained units of work, each with a different theme Topic spelling lists with 18 words Spelling lists focusing on common patterns ‘Tricky words’ and tips to remember them Practi cal spelling strategies Activities to practise and improve spel ling Strategies to expand students’ knowledge about words and their meanings, and a variety of practice activities Activ ities which encourage students to use context when reading to develop th eir word power Engaging and relevant writing tasks Thr ee comprehensive spelling review units Answers to all questions . CHAPTERS: Map of the book To the student LOOK-SAY-COVER-WRITE-SAY-CHECK method 1. Wha t can my body do? 2. Plenty of places 3. Did you hear that? 4. Colours and shapes 5. Reporting on reptiles Review 1: Te sts 1–6 6. Come and play 7. Night and day 8. From cover to cover 9. What’s that building? 10. H ow does it feel? Review 2: Tests 1–6 11. Now and then&nb sp; 12. Likes and dislikes 13, Doing things 1 4. Tech talk 15. On display Review 3: Tests 1–6 Word list Answers

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