Everywhere I Look – Includes Dear Mrs Dunkley & How to Marry your Daughters

  • Helen Garner
  • Paperback
  • Text Publishing
  • 03/04/2017
  • ISBN: 9781925498080

RRP: $23.99 (Inc. GST)


Prescribed Text for HSC 2019-2023 – Standard Module C: The Craft of Writing

Everywhere I Look is a collection of essays, diary entries and true stories spanning more than fifteen years of the work of one of Australia’s greatest writers.

‘A rich, beautiful book by a poet of the everyday, a sheer master of prose. Give it to your grandmother, give it to your tweeting girlfriend. Give it to any man or woman who understands the magic of language. It will hurl them into great gulfs of pleasure, of turmoil and understanding and joy.’ Australian

‘Imagine a writer who writes with the humour and precision of Joy Williams, the warmth and ferocity of Elena Ferrante, and the investigative rigor of Janet Malcolm. . .Read this book and you will wonder how you lived for years without Garner’s voice in your ear.’ John Freeman

‘ Garner’s writing expresses a hard-won grace. It brings you closer to the world, and shows you how to love it. . .She has laid the groundwork for a generation of writers; she has repeatedly shown us the glory and the power of an English sentence.’ Monthly

‘This is Garner in expansive mood writing gracefully about everything from her family to ballet to the dawn service.’ Spectator

‘The entire experience of reading Garner. . .opens up the sometimes painful, sometimes hilarious discord of our lives.’ Irish Times

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