Engineering Studies: The Definitive Guide – Volume 2 4th edition

  • Paul A. Copeland
  • AD2000
  • 2020
  • ISBN: 9780980400328

RRP: $61.95 (Inc. GST)


This fourth edition features new or updated content including:

  • Proof stress calculation
  • Additional “friction on an inclined plane” example
  • Austempered Ductile Irons
  • Revised Heat treatment of Steels
  • Precipitation Hardening
  • Vector analysis of flight mechanics
  • Titanium alloys and nickel alloys used in aviation
  • Determining true length lines
  • Digital Modulation Schemes
  • Multiplexing Technologies
  • GPS navigation
  • Additional review questions
  • Worked solutions to a selection of mechanics review questions

This text has been used for almost 20 years across high schools and is an invaluable tool for students to learn the wide content of the Engineering Studies course. The wide external margin remains for note taking and the readable style remains making this text a key resource for success in the HSC examination.

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