Comprehending Chemistry Year 11

  • Dr Meredith Wilkes
  • Five Senses Publications
  • 2021
  • ISBN: 9781760323714

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Comprehending Chemistry Year 11 follows the NSW HSC course. Each module is composed of clearly identified topics which are further broken down into focus areas which address the key learning points and the chemistry underpinning these key aspects. Dr Meredith Wilkes understands that many students are more visual learners, so she has included links to many videos and resources for each topic in the LOOK and LEARN section. Meredith also subscribes to the education theory of learn by doing – hence the name of the experimental sections, LEARN by DOING. The experiments have been designed to illustrate and complement the theory and many can also be performed at home – just remember to take all the necessary precautions!

  • Key Learning Points for each focus area
  • LOOK and LEARN – links to videos and other resources
  • LEARN by DOING – experiments designed to illustrate and complement the theory
  • Calculations – worked examples of how to use important formulas
  • Exercises – plenty of exercises for students to consolidate their learning
  • Topic reviews – check that students understand the key learning points and inquiry questions before moving onto the next topic
  • Review test – each Module finishes with a review test
  • Answers to all exercises and review tests included

About the Author

Dr Meredith Wilkes was a real-life researcher that has turned her hand to tutoring in her own small business called The Molecule Mentor. It all started back in the mid-90s when Meredith completed a PhD in Agricultural Chemistry before taking a side-step into biochemical research to help broaden her skills. After this, she worked for the CSIRO studying extremophiles and the possibility of using them to process low-grade mineral ores – bugs for biomining! On completion of this project, she was lured back to academia where she worked as a lecturer at The University of Sydney, teaching plant biochemistry and food chemistry, as well as conducting her own research on plant and grain biochemistry. In these roles she expanded her practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as publishing her research findings in the scientific literature. After almost 10 years of lecturing, she decided to leave the big smoke and returned to her home town of Maitland in the Hunter Valley, where she started tutoring HSC and university-level chemistry.

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