Commerce: Inquiry and Skills [NelsonNet Only]

  • Grant Kleeman, Anastasia Zarkos, David Hamper and Judy Adnum
  • Cengage Learning
  • 3/1/2020
  • ISBN: 9780170443555

RRP: $43.95 (Inc. GST)


Commerce: Inquiry and Skills has been written to explicitly align with the new Commerce Years 7–10 syllabus in NSW and address the most recent changes in the economy, the law and the political arena.

All core and options topics are covered in detail, with an overarching focus on supporting student inquiry and skills-development. The text develops the knowledge and skills students need to research and develop solutions to consumer, financial, economic, business, legal, political and employment issues, and make informed decisions.

A diverse range of contemporary case studies and Spotlight boxes have been included to ground student knowledge in real-life contexts and spark engagement.

Extensive digital resources are designed to help teachers implement the course and engage students, offering the complete Commerce solution!
NelsonNet resources available*:
Teacher Resources
• Chapter PDFs
• Worksheets and activities with answers
• Useful weblinks
• Teaching programs
• Scope and sequence
• Syllabus mapping
• Exemplar assessment tasks
• Guide to developing a school-based option
Student Resources
• Worksheets and activities
• Useful weblinks

*Complimentary access to NelsonNet is available to teachers who use the accompanying student book as a core resource in their classroom. Contact your local education consultant for access codes and conditions.

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