Chemistry in Focus: Year 12 [Skills & Assessment Workbook]

  • Debra Smith et al
  • Cengage Learning
  • ETA June 2021
  • ISBN: 9780170449656

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The Science in Focus Chemistry Skills and Assessment Workbook approaches the Chemistry NESA Stage 6 syllabi sequentially. The workbook is organised by inquiry question and have a skillsfocused worksheet approach. The workbook helps students build capacity to work scientifically, complete high-quality depth studies and succeed in formal school-based assessment and the HSC exam.


Introductory chapter contains worksheets targeting each working scientifically skill to ground student understanding and solidify best practice

Carefully constructed exam-style questions clearly increase in difficulty to build student capability and encourage extension

Complete practice HSC exam provided in the Year 12 workbook

Answers available at the end of each book promote independent learning, with worked solutions provided online for teachers.

About the Authors

Debra Smith is an experienced Chemistry teacher and author. Debra has been Head of Science at a number of high schools and been involved in writing science curriculum at local, state and national levels. She has been President and Treasurer of the Australian Science Teachers’ Association. For her contribution to science education, Debra was awarded the 2010 Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in Secondary Schools. Debra is an author of Chemistry in Focus Year 12.

Jaya Chowdhury is a passionate educator with more than 25 years of teaching experience in Western Australia and in NSW. Jaya is currently head of Science at Queenwood School for Girls. Jaya also delivers workshops for final year secondary science education students in the Department of Educational Studies (DoES) at Macquarie University. Jaya has been the HSC Content Manager at Access Macquarie and continues to assist in the development of online resources for the new Chemistry syllabus. Jaya also chairs the Chemical Education Group of the NSW Branch of the RACI.

Samantha began her career as a Food and Pharmaceutical Quality Control Technician. For the past ten years she has been teaching Science and Chemistry in Marist schools across Sydney, refining the pedagogical practice of the Flipped Classroom. Most recently, Sam has been acting as an Expert Teacher for Sydney Catholic Schools, programming Junior and Senior Chemistry curriculums.

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