Chemistry in Focus: Year 11 [Text + NelsonNet + Skills & Assessment Workbook]

  • Roland Smith and Anna Davis
  • Cengage Learning
  • 20 October 2020
  • ISBN: 9780170302760

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The Student Book

Chemistry in Focus Year 11 meets the complete requirements of the 2017 NSW NESA Stage 6 Chemistry syllabus in intent, content and sequence. The student book is written in accessible language and has clear, explanations throughout. The scenario-style questions at the end of each module allow students to review, analyse and evaluate content throughout. The text provides learning across all curriculum areas, as detailed in the syllabus and contains a dedicated chapter on how to approach and carry out the Depth Study at Year 11. ‘Working Scientifically’ processes are developed within each investigation, with supporting primary and secondary-sourced investigations, including modelling, are embedded within the content.

1 Review of basics
2 Properties of matter
3 Atomic structure and electron configuration
4 Periodicity
5 Chemical bonding
6 Chemical bonding II
7 Chemical reactions, stoichiometry and the mole concept
8 Concentration and molarity
9 Gas laws
10 Types of chemical reactions
11 Reactions of metals
12 Cells and electrode potentials
13 Rates of reactions
14 Energy changes in chemical reactions
15 Entropy and Gibbs free energy
16 Depth study

The Skills and Assessment Workbook

The Science in Focus Chemistry Skills and Assessment Workbook approaches the Chemistry NESA Stage 6 syllabus sequentially. The workbook is organised by inquiry question and have a skills focused worksheet approach. The workbook helps students build capacity to work scientifically, complete high-quality depth studies and succeed in formal school-based assessment and the HSC exam.

Year 11
1 An introduction to working scientifically and depth studies
Module 1: Properties and Structure of Matter
2 Properties of Matter
3 Atomic structure and atomic mass
4 Periodicity
5 Bonding
Module 2: Introduction to Quantitative Chemistry
6 Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry
7 Mole Concept
8 Concentration and Molarity
9 Gas Laws
Module 3: Reactive Chemistry
10 Chemical Reactions
11 Predicting Reactions of Metals
12 Rates of Reactions
Module 4: Drivers of Reactions
13 Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions
14 Enthalpy and Hess’s Law
15 Entropy and Gibbs Free Energy

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