Caste Heaven, Vol. 7

  • Chise Ogawa
  • Paperback
  • SuBLime
  • 21/09/2022
  • ISBN: 9781974727933

RRP: $18.99 (Inc. GST)


Today’s top could be tomorrow’s bottom when playing the caste game!

School is hard enough as it is, but when students are forced to play a cutthroat game to determine their social ranks—and subsequent treatment—all bets are off.

The third trimester begins, and the school’s atmosphere has changed. Karino is growing closer to the increasingly vile Eno, and Azusa is spending more of his time with Daisho, a former student recently returned from a year abroad. But unbeknownst to Azusa, Eno is working on yet another twisted scheme. Karino doesn’t want a repeat of the culture festival, but is it too late for him to right those wrongs and save Azusa?

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