CambridgeMATHS NSW Stage 5: Year 9 – Core & Advanced / Extension Paths [Text + Digital] [For the NSW Australian Curriculum]

  • Palmer et al
  • Paperback+Digital
  • Cambridge
  • (01/10/2023) – ETA Jan 2024
  • ISBN: 9781009409360

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For the NSW Mathematics Syllabus (2024 implementation)

Complete and authoritative coverage of the new NSW syllabus for Stages 4 and 5, now with powerful diagnostic tools to identify and address gaps in student knowledge.

What’s new?

  • New content, such as Networks in Stage 5, is delivered in the logical and sequential way you expect from CambridgeMATHS to encourage deep understanding.
  • The resources have been judiciously prepared to help deliver the Core–Path structure of the new syllabus, with two Stage 5 books at each year level in Years 9 and 10: one pathway suited to students aiming to study Standard at Stage 6, and another pathway for students aiming to study Advanced and Extension.
  • In the Pathway to Standard books, some selected, carefully labelled Advanced Path topics have been included to ensure that students have the flexibility to move between paths and prepare for the Stage 6 course they choose.
  • Restructured exercises address the needs of a wider range of students as they progress through Stages 4 and 5.
  • Building Understanding questions follow the Key Ideas for the Stage 4 and Stage 5 Pathway to Advanced/Extension courses to consolidate skills before students attempt the exercises.
  • Now You Try questions for all worked examples provide immediate practice at the same type of question before starting the exercises.
  • Targeted skillsheets – one for each lesson in the book – focus on a single skill or a small set of related skills and are supported by worked examples.
  • Students can track their own progress through Learning Intentions for every lesson and a Success Criteria checklist at the end of every chapter.
  • Past, present and future learning places the lesson in the context of the syllabus, highlighting topics that build on previous learning, and topics that will be extended at a later stage.
  • Working Mathematically investigative tasks in each chapter provide opportunities for students to apply their learning and prepare them for Stage 6 investigative-style assignments.
  • Editable PowerPoint lesson summaries in the Online Teaching Suite, ideal for classroom presentation, help focus student attention and promote class discussion.
  • Introducing our new diagnostic assessment tool: developed in consultation with classroom teachers, this powerful tool offers the flexibility to build your tests using either the structure of the textbook or the syllabus, and choose to drill right down to the level of Mathematical Skill. Identify and address gaps in student knowledge with intuitive reporting and follow-up work suggestions.


1 Computation and financial maths
2 Expressions, equations and inequalities
3 Right-angled triangles: Pythagoras’ theorem and trigonometry
4 Linear relationships
5 Length, area, surface area and volume
6 Indices and surds
7 Properties of geometric figures
8 Quadratic expressions and algebraic fractions
9 Probability and single variable data analysis
10 Quadratic equations and graphs of parabolas

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About the authors

Stuart Palmer

Stuart Palmer is a fully qualified high school mathematics teacher with more than 25 years’ experience teaching students from all walks of life in a variety of schools. He has been Head of Mathematics in two schools. He is very well known by teachers throughout the state for the professional learning workshops he delivers. Stuart also assists thousands of Year 12 students every year as they prepare for their HSC Examinations. At the University of Sydney, Stuart spent more than a decade running tutorials for pre-service mathematics teachers.

David Greenwood

David Greenwood is the Head of Mathematics at an Independent school in Melbourne and has 30 years’ experience teaching mathematics from Years 7 to 12. He is the lead author for the Cambridge Essential Mathematics series and has authored more than 80+ titles for the Australian Curriculum and for the syllabuses of other states. He specialises in analysing curriculum and the sequencing of course content for school mathematics courses. He also has an interest in the use of technology for the teaching of mathematics.

Sara Woolley

Sara Woolley completed an Honours degree in Mathematics at the University of Tasmania before completing her education training at the University of Melbourne. She has taught mathematics in Victoria from Years 7 to 12 since 2006 and is currently a Head of Mathematics. She has written more than 15 mathematics titles and specialises in lesson design and differentiation.

Jenny Goodman

Jenny Goodman has taught in schools for over 25 years and is currently teaching at a selective high school in Sydney. Jenny has an interest in the importance of literacy in mathematics education, and in teaching students of differing ability levels. She was awarded the Jones Medal for Education at Sydney University and the Bourke Prize for Mathematics.

Jennifer Vaughan

Jennifer Vaughan has taught secondary mathematics for over 30 years in New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland and New Zealand and has tutored and lectured in mathematics at Queensland University of Technology. She is passionate about providing students of all ability levels with opportunities to understand and to have success in using mathematics. She has extensive experience in developing resources that make mathematical concepts more accessible, to develop student confidence, achievement and an enjoyment of maths.

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