Cambridge Society and Culture Stage 6 [Text + Interactive CambridgeGO]

  • Bruseker et al
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 9/8/2021
  • ISBN: 9781108980241

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Written by an experienced team of practising Society and Culture teachers to help students understand and contribute to the world around them, Cambridge Society and Culture Stage 6 provides  students with everything they need to thrive in their internal assessments and end-of-year exams.

Cambridge Society and Culture Stage 6 includes:

  • contemporary, in-depth Focus Studies for each topic that address all syllabus requirements
  • a dedicated Personal Interest Project (PIP) chapter with tools and guidance for students, samples from the work of high-achieving students, an interview with past students, and FAQs to guide students as they develop and complete their PIP.
  • relevant and contemporary case studies that illustrate and explore the nature of each topic
  • a range of engaging activities and media studies that will deepen and extend students’ understanding of each topic
  • end-of-section review questions to check student recall and comprehension
  • end-of-chapter activities with research tasks and HSC-style questions that provide robust exam preparation support
  • immediate access to audio and video resources, including specific HSC exam content, via QR codes in the Print Textbook
  • other interactive resources, powered by Cambridge Edjin, that bring the study of Society and Culture to life.



1. The social and cultural world
Focus study: The Roma in Europe

2. Personal and social identity
Focus study: The Mescalero Apache peoples

3. Intercultural communication
Focus study: Tuareg society

4. Personal Interest Project

5. Social and cultural continuity and change
Focus study: Rwanda

6. Depth study: Popular culture
Focus study: Social media

7. Depth study: Belief systems and ideologies
Focus study: Indigenous spiritualities: New Zealand and Maori Wairuatanga

8. Depth study: Social inclusion and exclusion
Focus study: Asylum seekers and refugees in Australia

9 Social conformity and nonconformity
Focus study: Survivalists

Interactive Textbook

The online version of the student text delivers a host of interactive features to enhance the teaching and learning experience, and when connected to a class teacher account offers a powerful  Learning Management System.

Interactive Features:

  • Videos introduce the course, and each Year 12 topic, and extend student knowledge. Instant access is also available from the print book, via a QR code in the margin.
  • Auto-marked quizzes at the end of each chapter section allow students to quickly check their recall of the content. Answers feed into the Learning Management System for reporting.
    Workspaces for Review questions allow students to enter their answers directly into the Interactive Textbook. Students can then self-assess using a four-point scale, and use a red flag to alert  their teacher if they had trouble with a question. The answers, self-assessment and red flags feed into the Learning Management System for reporting.
  • Scorcher, our timed, online competition, allows students to check their recall of key concepts and other content, while competing against each other and other schools.
  • Roll-over glossary definitions.
  • Bookmark folders can be created by students with direct links to content they have marked.
  • Downloadable Word versions of all Activities, Media studies, Case studies, Review tasks and End-of-chapter materials.
  • Access to the Offline Textbook, a downloadable version of the student text with note-taking and bookmarking enabled.

Offline Textbook
The downloadable version of the student text for offline use enables students to take notes, highlight key passages, and bookmark pages. It is available from Cambridge GO using the unique 16- character code that is included with the purchase of the Print Textbook and the Interactive Textbook.

About the Authors

Kendra Bruseker
is the Academic Head of Social Studies at a Catholic school in Sydney, and has served on the committee for the Society and Culture Association since 2019. Kendra’s dedication to quality curriculum has seen her engaged in developing and facilitating numerous professional learning seminars for the Society and Culture Association and the AISNSW. She also works as a sessional  tutor at Macquarie University, teaching pre-service teachers. Having taught Society and Culture for the past decade, Kendra brings her extensive experience and knowledge of assessment and the curriculum to her delivery of course content, while developing HSC graduates who are engaged, confident and socially aware.

Louise Dark
has been passionately engaged in the world of Society and Culture since beginning her teaching career. The HSC class she was allocated during that time was her first interaction with the Society  and Culture course, and the support and collegiality of other teachers within her network was invaluable. She joined the Society and Culture Association Committee in 2010 and has served as a  Committee member, Secretary and Vice President. In 2016 Louise was awarded the Professional Teachers Council (PTC) award for Outstanding Professional Service in recognition of her  significant and positive contribution to the Society and Culture Association and wider teaching community through additional roles such as editor of Culturescope and her presentation and  organisation of Professional Learning and Student events. Louise has been President of the SCANSW since 2020, and also contributed to teaching and learning of Society and Culture through various NESA roles.

Allie Emo
is a dedicated teacher, renowned for her exceptional ideological practices that encourage student engagement, with an academically designed focus on the social questioning process. After a decade of teaching in New Zealand, Allie spent time teaching in Queensland before settling permanently in Sydney at the start of 2002 where she is proudly Head Teacher of HSIE at a government school. As a classroom teacher Allie was awarded the Rotary Club (Inc) Vocational Excellence Award for Inspirational Teaching (NZ) with the design of units of work for Stage 4 and 5. Her Preservice  Teacher Award by UNSW School of Education is the profession’s recognition for the outstanding commitment she gives in supporting training teachers. Allie demonstrates her professional  knowledge and standards of excellence in a number of Stage 6 subjects: Business Studies, Senior Geography, Legal Studies and Society and Culture.

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