Cambridge Science for the NSW Syllabus Stage 5 [Text + Interactive CambridgeGO]

  • Bone, Gouveia et al
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 10/9/2021
  • ISBN: 9781108992596

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This new series provides the opportunity for every student to master essential knowledge and skills while providing the right depth of content to ensure students can succeed at high levels.

This exceptional NEW series walks students through the NSW Stage 4 and 5 syllabus content, continually checking and reinforcing their learning throughout while engaging them deeply in each  topic.

  • All content is linked to the curriculum so teachers know just what to cover and clearly defined skills outcomes help prepare students for senior studies.
  • Clear learning intentions at the start of each chapter and success criteria at the end of a chapter allow students to take charge of their progress.
  • A wide range of practical activities (including teacher demonstrations, student designed experiments, open-ended investigations and authentic STEM activities) integrated throughout each chapter help students relate the topic content to the experiment.
  • A unique reflection activity at the end of each chapter asks students what connections they have made, how they extended their thinking and what challenged them in the topic.
  • Comprehensive and integrated digital resources with rich content and activities enhances student learning and gives them the flexibility to move between print and online options.
  • Vital support for teachers to differentiate learning for their students includes:
    • Working program documents for teachers that enables them to direct levelled questions appropriate to a student’s ability
    • Auto-marked pre-tests to gauge students’ prior knowledge and prepare them for the chapter ahead
    • Two auto-marked quizzes offer different levels of difficulty
    • Graded, downloadable worksheets for additional in-class and at home learning.

Students are stepped through the syllabus to ensure they meet the learning intentions, starting at:

  • Chapter maps
  • Learning goals
  • Chapter content
  • Quick Checks
  • A wide range of hands-on practical activities
  • Chapter Checklist
  • Section Questions
  • Data Questions at the end of the chapter

Connect, extend, challenge routine

A reflection activity at the end of a chapter gives students the opportunity to reflect on the new ideas they have learned; to make connections to their everyday lives, to wonder how they have been  extended in their thinking, and what concepts have challenged them in this process.

Working scientifically

A skills chapter in each staged book prepares students for the process of working scientifically to conduct investigations and experiments. A range of practical activities integrated with the chapter content provide students with plenty of opportunities to apply their skills. By establishing their scientific reporting skills in Stages 4 & 5, they will build essential competency for Stage 6.

Comprehensive digital resources

The integrated digital resources enhances the learning experience and gives students the flexibility to move between classroom and remote learning. See over for more details.

About the Authors

Emma Bone
Emma Bone thrives on the dynamic and practical nature of science, which led her to a first class honours degree in Biomedical Science. Her desire to enable students to maximise their potential brought about a career as a science teacher in Australia and in the UK where she was also a chemistry specialist teaching both GCSE and A level courses. 

Michelle Gouveia
Michelle Gouveia teaches Physics, Biology, Junior Science and iSTEM and also has experience teaching Maths and Art. She is passionate about interdisciplinary learning and helping students connect ideas and concepts from different learning areas. Prior to her teaching career, she studied a Bachelor of Natural Science, majoring in Biochemistry and Psychology, later completing and Honours in Biochemistry and a Masters of Educational Leadership.

Kerrie Ardley
Kerrie Ardley has taught a variety of junior and senior Sciences throughout her teaching career. Currently, she is the Head of Psychology at an independent school. Kerrie enjoys seeing students learn through the connections between theory, practical work and the world around us.

Dr Eddy De Jong
has been involved with Science and Physics education at the secondary and tertiary level for many years and is a successful author of numerous science and physics texts. He is passionate about seeing young minds engaging with science and physics and aims to instill in students a sense of curiosity whilst developing their critical thinking skills.

Gemma Dale
Gemma is a senior biology teacher at a Brisbane school who has also taught chemistry and physics in the UK. She has a tertiary background in ecology and a Masters of Science in Biodiversity and Conservation. She has worked with the Department of Environment and Heritage in Australia as a bat and gecko ecologist. She has also completed an Education Doctorate (EdD) specialising in scientific literacy.

Christopher Humphreys
Christopher Humphreys is currently Head of Mathematics and Physics at a tertiary college for international students. He graduated from Nottingham University in the UK and completed his MSc in Physics at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. He has over thirty years’ experience as a teacher in public and private schools in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

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