Cambridge Science for the NSW Syllabus Stage 5 [Online Teaching Suite]

  • Bone et al
  • Cambridge University Press
  • ETA September 2021
  • ISBN: 9781108992121

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Vital support for differentiation
Digital Feature: Tests at the start of every chapter check understanding of prior knowledge, and allow teachers to tailor their lessons to suit student needs
Two levels of quizzes
Digital feature: Two quizzes per section offer different levels of difficulty – one addresses the learning intentions and a second that offers more challenge to extend capable students with Apply, Analysing and Evaluating questions.
Working Programs for section questions
Digital feature: Working Programs for the Section questions offer foundation, standard and advanced levels. These levels are only seen by teachers in the Online Teaching Suite, allowing them to  direct students to questions appropriate to the level they are working at.
• Graded, downloadable worksheets
Digital feature: Worksheets in each section develop both knowledge and skills, and can be selected to meet student abilities. Teachers can also access suggested responses to every worksheet question.
Reporting Tools
Digital feature: Individual and whole-class reporting tools available in the Online Teaching Suite provide diagnostic feedback on student progress or gaps in knowledge and understanding.
• The Task Manager
Digital feature: Teachers can create tasks (including custom-made tests) that direct students on an activity sequence appropriate to their achievement level.

Comprehensive coverage of the curriculum
All content is directly linked to the curriculum without additional material so teachers know just what to cover.
Colour coding is used to indicate different types of activities and other pedagogical features.
Digital feature: Curriculum grids include clear coding of the syllabus outcomes to show that all content is covered. Teaching programs cover each topic of the syllabus supporting teachers with class preparation.

Wide choice of practical activities
• Over 50-hands on activities per year level provide teachers with a wide selection of teacher demonstrations, student-designed experiments, and open-ended investigations which are integrated throughout the chapter to enable students to relate the content to the activity or experiment.
• Working Scientifically is also addressed by a range of data questions that allow students to practise analysing and interpreting a variety of graphical representations of data.
• Authentic STEM activities addressing a real-world problem are provided at the end of each chapter, use readily available materials, and can be completed in 1 or 2 lessons.

Guided onboarding for teachers
Clear instructions and immediate access to How-to support resources allow teachers and students to take advantage of the full interactive and online experience from Day 1, Term 1.
School that adopt Cambridge Science for the NSW Syllabus for whole class use will receive complimentary access to the Online Teaching Suite with its comprehensive teaching programs, easy class creation, differentiation of tasks and monitoring of progress.

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