Cambridge: Health and Movement Science Stage 6 – Year 11 [Text + Interative CambridgeGO] [For NSW Curriculum]

  • Gareth Hawgood, Rachel James, Andrew Ponsen
  • Text + Digital
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 31/08/2024
  • ISBN: 9781108951296

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Available August 2024

Written specifically for the NSW Health and Movement Science Stage 6 Syllabus, this thought-provoking and future-focused series encourages students to explore the interrelationship between health, body, mind and movement; the many barriers to health and movement; the importance of culturally responsive health and movement practices; and opportunities to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for themselves, their community and beyond.
• This series provides authoritative and up-to-date information that represents best practice in teaching in the contemporary health and movement science world.
• Contemporary case studies of a variety of demographic groups and geographic locations not only reflect the diverse make-up of the Health and Movement Science classroom but also encourage students to make connections between local, national and international experiences.
• Clearly labelled activities invite students to apply the key skills of collaboration, analysis, communication, creative thinking, problem-solving and research to the concepts in each chapter.
• Practical applications encourage students to actively and creatively explore, demonstrate, review and communicate health and movement science concepts, and are explicitly linked to key skills.
• Chapter summaries, multiple-choice revision and exam-style questions provide plenty of opportunities for students to test and apply their knowledge and understanding and prepare for the types of questions they may encounter in exams.
•  The Interactive Textbook brings the study of Health and Movement Science to life with online activities and resources such as videos, animations, case studies, and exercise and activity demonstrations
• The Online Teaching Suites provides exceptional support for teachers including an exam generator, chapter tests with solutions, reporting, solutions to textbook questions, additional activities, and a comprehensive teaching plan to ensure lessons cover all syllabus objectives and outcomes.


Health for individuals and communities
1. Understanding and measuring Australia’s health
2. Young people’s meanings of health
3. Key health issues that affect young people
4. Improving and promoting young people’s health

The body and mind in motion
5. Body systems and movement
6. Factors influencing movement and performance
7. Acquiring, developing and improving movement skills
8. Relationship between psychology, movement and performance

Depth studies and collaborative investigation
9. Depth studies
10. Collaborative investigation

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