Cambridge Food for Life 7-10 [Text + Digital] [Australian Curriculum]

  • Fiona Matthews, Chrissy Collins & Sally Lasslett
  • Paperback+Digital
  • Cambridge
  • 31/08/2023
  • ISBN: 9781009395922

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A design-driven approach to food skills and solutions for now and the future.

Equipping students with the skills they need to thrive both in and out of the classroom and develop an ethical and responsible understanding of food choices for life, this series includes:

  • an accessible approach to the new Australian Curriculum Design and Technologies Version 9.0 Food specialisations sub-strand, that also caters for state Food Technology curriculums.
  • a single resource for Years 7-10 that provides multiple entry points to the knowledge and skills content to support teachers in tailoring individualised learning for a mixed-ability classroom.
  • design-driven approach that empowers students to make informed food choices and to apply design thinking as they create innovative solutions to meet specific needs.
  • carefully-scaffolded skills development, to ensure that students build essential food processes and production skills, and learn valuable design thinking, project management, enterprise, and innovation skills they can use into the future.
  • Indigenous Australian ingredients and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander food techniques and processes, as well as food practices from around the world.
  • New contemporary, classroom tested recipes, most of which can be completed at home using common equipment and readily accessible ingredients.
  • All new activities that encourage students to learn about food outside of the kitchen environment.
  • videos demonstrating practical activities, processes and recipes.
  • a new visual glossary of recipe ingredients to help students familiarise themselves with foods they may not have encountered.
  • a focus on ethical and sustainable practices in food systems that will ensure food security into the future, to equip students with the knowledge to be ethical consumers in local and global contexts.

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1. Managing food production safely
2. Let’s get cooking
3. Food choices for healthy living
4. Vegetables
5. Fruit
6. Grains and cereals
7. Milk, milk products and alternatives
8. Lean meat and poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds, legumes and beans
9. Eating outside the five food groups
10. Taste Australia, taste the world
11. Foods for special purposes
12. Making and marketing food

About the authors

Fiona Matthews

Fiona is an experienced Food Studies, Health and Human Development, and Science teacher who has dedicated her career to education. She has been an author of VCE Health and Human Development, and junior Food Technology texts for numerous publishers. Fiona’s passion lies in professional development, curriculum and pedagogy. She has held leading teacher roles in these areas and has conducted teaching and learning coaching in both secondary and primary schools. Fiona served as a VCAA coach in the Health and Physical Education domain, incorporating respectful relationships, and has held sessional teaching roles at tertiary level. Fiona believes that all students can be encouraged to learn, and she brings this philosophy into the classroom. She works on developing mutual respect with her students in order to help them to achieve their personal best.

Chrissy Collins

Chrissy is an experienced Food Studies and Health and Human Development teacher, teaching longer than her Year 12 students have been alive. She has been an author for Cambridge since 2007, developing junior and senior Food Studies and HHD textbooks. Chrissy regularly presents at professional development events; her presentations focus on student engagement, pedagogy and exam success. She is also an experienced VCAA exam assessor and writer of trial exams and support material. Chrissy aims to motivate and inspire her own students by sharing her love of learning and passion for her subject areas, by working with each student to help them reach their full potential.

Sally Lasslett

Sally has been an educational leader in a variety of school settings and roles for over 25 years. Sally is an advocate for successful pathways and transitions for disengaged young people. She is a leading Principal in the Independent Flexible Senior School setting and has been innovative in the way that she ensures that essential wellbeing supports are provided in this setting. Sally is also an active Home Economics professional with a passion for developing real-life skills. Sally has been a lead author on numerous VCE and other secondary level textbooks, and a board member of Home Economics Victoria. Sally has a keen interest in assisting students to find a passion for learning and ensuring that they are successful in developing postschool pathways.

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