Cambridge Business Studies: Year 12 5/e [Interactive CambridgeGO Only]

  • Hickey et al
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 2021
  • ISBN: 9781009013574

RRP: $69.95 (Inc. GST)


The online version of the student text delivers a host of interactive features to enhance the teaching and learning experience, and when connected to a class teacher account offers a powerful  Learning Management System.

Interactive features
  • Rich video material and audio clips, including additional explanatory videos to extend student knowledge, indicated by a QR code (for instant access) or an icon within the print book.
  • Each chapter has either:
    • Auto-marked quizzes at the end of each chapter section allow students to quickly check their recall of the content. Answers feed into the Learning Management System for reporting.
    • Workspaces for Review questions allow students to enter their answers directly into the Interactive Textbook. Students can then self-assess using a four-point scale, and use a red flag to alert  their teacher if they had trouble with a question. The answers, self-assessment and red flags feed into the Learning Management System for reporting.
    • Links to external websites.
    • Scorcher – our timed, online competition allows students to compete against each other and other schools.
    • Roll-over glossary definitions.
    • Bookmark folders can be created by students with direct links to content they have marked.
    • Access to the Offline Textbook, a downloadable version of the student text with note-taking and bookmarking enabled.

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