Cambridge Business Studies: Year 11 5/e [Online Teaching Suite]

  • Hickey et al
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 2021
  • ISBN: 9781009013550

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The Online Teaching Suite combines the Interactive Textbook powered by Edjin and its rich digital resources with a suite of  supplementary resources and a powerful Learning Management System (LMS).

Downloadable files to support teachers including:

  • Teaching plans
  • Sample HSC exam questions and solutions
  • Customisable activities
  • Additional multiple-choice, short-answer and extended questions with solutions and marking criteria
  • Suggested solutions and marking criteria to activities
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Financial statement examples

The Online Teaching Suite records student scores on quizzes, self-assessment scores and red flags raised by students in all sections, and  end-of-chapter review questions. Reports on individual and class progress are available for download. Data from student Interactive  Textbooks will directly feed to the Online Teaching Suite.

Access to student Workspace entries allows for efficient and time-saving monitoring of work and provides students with the opportunity  to alert teachers to problems with specific questions. Teachers can choose to give students access to the suggested responses for the  exercises online and also provide feedback to individuals on specific questions.

The Task Manager can be used to direct students on a custom activity sequence based on their ability.

Supporting your delivery of the Stage 6 Course

NEW! A powerful digital learning experience
Schools who adopt Cambridge Business Studies Stage 6 Fifth Edition will receive complimentary access to the Online Teaching Suite which offers:

  • engaging digital resources to provide todayÔÇÖs students with carefully chosen digital content for independent learning and flipped classroom environments.
  • the tried and tested Cambridge Edjin Learning Management System (LMS), which combines task-management tools with a suite of individual student and whole-class reports. Teachers can also choose to view student responses and provide feedback.

Extensive teacher support
The Online Teaching Suite also includes features you know and love, including:

  • ┬áteaching plans
  • annotated model responses to end-of-chapter exam preparation questions (new in the fifth edition)
  • sample HSC exam questions and solutions
  • additional downloadable and customisable activities
  • additional multiple-choice, short-answer and extended-response questions with solutions and marking criteria
  • suggested solutions and marking criteria to textbook activities
  • PowerPoint presentations for every chapter
  • financial statement examples.

NEW! Additional guidance for teachers
Teachers are provided additional guidance for HSC Business Studies with:

  • flipped classroom approaches to support independent learning
  • lesson preparation and classroom management during remote learning sessions
  • guidance on preparing Year 12 students for their HSC exams
  • a task manager that allows teachers to set different tasks for individuals based on their abilities.

Free updated content for all users every two years
Updated content will help students keep in step with a constantly changing and increasingly global business environment.
Updated statistics, legislation and business information will be added to the Interactive Textbook and will be available to current users at no additional cost. A complete list of updates will be available as a downloadable document on Cambridge GO.

Guided onboarding for teachers
Clear instructions and immediate access to How-to support resources allow teachers and students to take advantage of the full interactive and online experience from Day 1, Term 1.

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