Business Studies in Action: HSC Course 7/e [Text + LearnON]

  • Chapman et al
  • Jacaranda
  • 24/9/2021
  • ISBN: 9780730393924

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NSW’s favourite Business Studies series, Jacaranda Business Studies in Action, is freshly updated with new content and tools to help you  deliver engaging and contemporary lessons for your students, while preparing them for exam success.

Relevance in a changing world
Explore 100+ new case studies (Tesla, Uber Eats) and contemporary business trends with your students, including how COVID-19 has impacted the business environment.

An engaging learning experience
Captivate learners with new videos in every chapter and access to the learnON platform, where theory is supported by an expansive range of interactive media and resources.

Unrivalled exam preparation
Practice makes perfect with access to 300+ official HSC exam questions, including the 2020 exam in print (HSC), plus every past exam question from 2006-2020 online with immediate feedback.

The 2021 editions of Jacaranda Business Studies in Action include these key updates:

  • Rigorous adherence to the content of the Stage 6 Business Studies Syllabus, including greater emphasis on ‘learn tos’ as well as ‘learn abouts’
  • Available in learnON for the first time, where teachers get greater visibility into student progress and performance, allowing you to easily tailor lesson plans and create custom tests
  • For the HSC course, access to 300+ official HSC exam questions in the print textbook and every exam question from 2006-2020 in learnON
  • For the Preliminary course, access to practice exam questions in print and learnON
  • Every subtopic now has a quick quiz, questions and exam questions to give students plenty of opportunity to practice
  • The trusted Kathmandu year-long case study is now available in print and learnON
  • Colour-coded learning pathways to support differentiation (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3)
  • NESA glossary of key words to prepare students on how to answer exam questions
  • HSC ‘key process verbs’ are colour-coded and used in graded questions throughout the text that appeal to all levels of learners
  • Clear explanations and useful visual learning aids help explain complex business concepts


TOPIC 1: Operations
Chapter 1: Kathmandu case study: Introduction and operations
Chapter 2: Role of operations management
Chapter 3: Influences on operations management – View page proofs
Chapter 4: Operations processes
Chapter 5: Operations strategies
TOPIC 2: Marketing
Chapter 6: Kathmandu case study: Marketing
Chapter 7: Role of marketing –View page proofs
Chapter 8: Influences on marketing
Chapter 9: Marketing process
Chapter 10: Marketing strategies
TOPIC 3: Finance
Chapter 11: Kathmandu case study: Finance
Chapter 12: Role of financial management
Chapter 13: Influences on financial management
Chapter 14: Processes of financial management
Chapter 15: Financial management strategies
TOPIC 4: Human resources
Chapter 16: Kathmandu case study: Human resources
Chapter 17: Role of human resource management
Chapter 18: Key influences on human resource management
Chapter 19: Processes of human resource management
Chapter 20: Strategies in human resource management
Chapter 21: Effectiveness of human resource management

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