Bug Club Phonics Phase 1-5 Top-up Pack (1×43)

  • Teresa Heapy,Alison Hawes,Sarah Loader,Fiona Kent,Kathryn Stewart,Emily Hibbs,Dominique Simpson,Fiona Undrill,
  • Paperback
  • Pearson
  • 19/05/2023
  • ISBN: 9780655711971

RRP: $372.50 (Inc. GST)


Bug Club Phonics Phase 1-5 top-up pack (1×43)
This top-up pack includes 1 copy of the following new titles:
Phase 1
A Day at the Beach
A Wet Walk
All Sorts of Art
From Seed to Sandwich
Nature Shapes
The Missing Button
Phase 2
Pam Sits In
Tap It, Pat It
It is Dim
At a Tip
A Pip to Pot
It is a …?
Get Set, Go!
Pet Kits
Can It?
Is It a Pet?
The Bus
Tess Gets the Bin
Pick It Up
Get Fit
Phase 4
Elvis and the Junk
The Shark and Sunken Ship
Lara Helps Out
“No!” Said the Yam
Tent Twins
A Trip to the Park
Grans and Grandads
Maps and Us Drums
Phase 5
What a Winner!
Jane and the Jay
Jake’s Dinner
“What the Wind Can Do “
Staying In
Let’s Set Up the Fair
The Moonsnoop
Hilltop Rescue
The Whale in the Well
Hairy Bears
Madge and the Beanstalk
Big Spider

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