Bev And Kev [Picture Book]

  • Katrina Germein, Illustrator Mandy Foot
  • Hardback
  • Little Book Press.
  • 01/05/2022
  • ISBN: 9780645027051

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2023 CBCA Book of the Year Honours: Early Childhood

Bev is tall and Kev is small.
An unlikely pair!

Could this be the beginning of a very big friendship?
A heart-warming tale about learning to love yourself
and the value of a true friend.

Katrina Germein’s text is a poignant tale as Bev tries to find where she belongs and the use of rare words makes this a perfect story for fledgling readers to enrich their vocabulary. Pefectly coupled with Mandy Foot’s beautifully executed illustrations enticing us to fall in love with both characters and place.

Develop language through describing things in new and complex ways, there are many words to describe the same thing. How many ways can you say ‘big’?

Explore the concept of friendships, acceptance and kindness through naming and explaining the feelings associated with them, look to the illustrations for clues on the Bev’s feelings.

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