Bersama-sama Selalu: Student Book + Workbook with DVD

  • Victoria Taylor, Anna Day
  • Cengage Learning
  • 24/11/2006
  • ISBN: 9780170130684

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Our team of highly experienced authors, Victoria Taylor and Anna Day, have created a revised and updated edition of Bersama-sama 2 for Years 9 – 10. Bersama-sama Selalu provides a seamless transition from Bersama-sama Lagi and flexible pathways catering for all learners. Bersama-sama Selalu fully prepares students intending to study senior Indonesian. Bersama-sama Selalu is a Student Book and Workbook all in one. It covers teenage-relevant themes which focus on family life, school, community, and the world. Set in Indonesia, students are introduced to eight Indonesian teenagers from a diversity of backgrounds. The text encourages students to consider their life experiences, give their own views, and use and apply their knowledge to incorporate other areas of the curriculum.

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