Beast: A Tale of Love and Revenge

  • Lisa Jensen
  • Candlewick
  • 02/06/2021
  • ISBN: 9781536215731

RRP: $17.99 (Inc. GST)


“Haunting language and lush descriptions engage the senses, making this a memorable, worthy addition to the canon of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ retellings.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

They say Château Beaumont is cursed. Servant-girl Lucie can’t believe such foolishness about handsome Jean-Loup Christian Henri LeNoir, Chevalier de Beaumont, master of the estate. But when the chevalier reveals his cruelty in a heinous act of violence against Lucie, she vows to see him suffer. A wisewoman grants her wish and transforms Jean-Loup into monstrous-looking Beast, reflecting the monster he is inside. But Beast is nothing like the chevalier. Jean-Loup would never patiently tend his roses or attempt poetry—nor express remorse for the wrong done to Lucie. Gradually, Lucie realizes that Beast is an entirely different creature, with a heart more human than the chevalier’s ever was. In this dark, mature twist on the classic fairytale, Lucie dares to hope that noble Beast has permanently replaced the cruel Jean-Loup—until an innocent beauty arrives at Beast’s château with the power to break the spell. Now out in paperback with a spellbinding new cover.

  • Now in paperback with a stunning new cover
  • An upmarket, literary/commercial retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story
  • Filled with lovely writing, magic, delicate imagery, and fierce emotion, it’s both a multi-layered, thoughtful novel and a page-turner

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