Bat vs Poss: A Story about Sharing and Making Friends

  • Alexa Moses, Illustrated by Anil Tortop
  • Lothian
  • 29/1/2019
  • ISBN: 9780734418388

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A CBCA NOTABLE BOOK 2020 Meek the possum and her sisters three are happy living in the sprawling paperbark tree – until the day Squabbles the bat moves in. A story about sharing and making friends. Meek lives with her three sisters, a gaggle of birds, lizards and other creatures next to a tumbledown terrace house. Everyone shares the space, and life is pretty sweet until the day a rude and messy fruit bat named Squabbles moves in – and demands everyone else move OUT. Will Meek be able to get rid of Squabbles, or is there a way for everyone to get along? Alexa Moses’s lively rhyming text is entertaining to read aloud and Anil Tortop’s illustrations are full of terrific detail and great characterisation. BAT VS POSS is a fun story about learning to share that kids aged 3 to 5 will want to read over and over. ‘Anil Tortop’s illustrations are, again, simply stunning. Her work is colourful and vibrant, and has a magical ability to draw your eyes from across the room.’ Kids’ Book Review on Anil Tortop’s DIGBY AND THE YODELAYHEE… WHO?

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