ATARNotes: PDHPE – Complete Course Notes NSW Year 12 [2022-2024]

  • Jamie Manalaotao & Reiley Dunlop
  • Paperback
  • ATAR Notes
  • 14/07/1905
  • ISBN: 9781922394903

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These PDHPE Notes cover everything you need to know for the two Core units: Health Priorities in Australia and Factors Affecting Performance. Each section includes a detailed breakdown of important definitions and examples, as well as tips to help you remember all of the content in the course. This book also contains valuable advice for approaching your PDHPE exam from Band 6 students so that you can minimise your study time and maximise your marks.


I Health Priorities in Australia

1 How are health priorities for Australia’s health identified?
1.1 Measuring health status
1.2 Identifying priority health issues
2 What are the health priorities for Australia’s health?
2.1 Determinants of Health
2.2 Groups experiencing health inequities
2.3 Preventable chronic diseases
2.4 A growing and ageing population
3 What role do health care facilities and services play in achieving better health for Australians?
3.1 Health care in Australia
3.2 Complementary and alternative approaches
4 What actions are needed to address Australia’s health priorities?
4.1 Health promotion and the Ottawa Charter

II Factors Affecting Performance

1 How does training affect performance?
1.1 Energy systems
1.2 Types of training and training methods
1.3 Principles of training
1.4 Physiological adaptations to training
2 How can psychology affect performance
2.1 Motivation
2.2 Anxiety and arousal
2.3 Psychological strategies
3 How can nutrition and recovery strategies affect performance?
3.1 Nutritional considerations
3.2 Supplementation
3.3 Recovery strategies
4 How does acquisition of skill affect performance?
4.1 Stages of skill acquisition
4.2 The learning environment
4.3 Assessment of skill and performance
III Exam Tips

About the authors

Jamie Manalaotao earned a Band 6 in PDHPE and is now pursuing a major in Paramedicine through her Bachelor of Health Science at Western Sydney University.

Reiley Dunlop also earned a Band 6 in PDHPE, as well as a Dalyell Scholarship to The University of Sydney where he now studies Aeronautical Engineering.

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