Argument & Persuasive Language [Text + 100-Page Bonus Digital Book] 2nd edition

  • Melanie Napthine
  • Insight Publications
  • 1/1/2019
  • ISBN: 9781922378385

RRP: $35.95 (Inc. GST)


Insight’s best-selling Argument & Persuasive Language 2nd edition has been updated to include a 100-page digital Bonus Book of supplementary content providing students with extra activities, sample tasks, model analyses and point-of-view pieces, and audio-visual content.

Argument & Persuasive Language provides comprehensive coverage of Area of Study 2 of the VCE English/EAL course and can be used from middle years and retained until Year 12. It covers the analysis of argument and of persuasive language in a variety of media texts, supported by stimulating activities that progressively develop students’ analytical skills.

Argument and Persuasive Language 2nd edition features:

  • An integrated approach to the analysis of argument and persuasive language
  • Clear and accessible explanations of all key knowledge, including metalanguage
  • Engaging explanations, activities and practical support, including word banks, sentence starters and model sentences, showing students how to write analytically about argument and persuasive language in a holistic way
  • Media texts of all types on a range of engaging and contemporary issues
  • Guidelines and models for comparing argument and persuasive language in different media texts on the same issue
  • Strategies and guidelines for presenting a point of view and writing a statement of intention
  • High-level sample responses with annotations
  • An exam practice chapter with sample exam scenarios.

Argument and Persuasive Language 2nd edition Bonus Book features:

  • Practice single-text and multiple-text scenarios, with sample student responses
  • Sample point-of-view pieces and activities for developing a point of view
  • Questions and activities catering to a range of ability levels
  • Partly written sample analyses and point-of-view pieces for students to complete
  • Advice and models for improving medium-level analyses and point-of-view pieces so that they exhibit the qualities of high-level pieces
  • A diverse range of all-new media texts on a variety of issues.

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