A+ Pre-Apprenticeship Maths and Literacy for Beauty Therapy [Workbook + CD]

  • Andrew Spencer
  • A+National Publishing
  • 27/7/2010
  • ISBN: 9780170190763

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The range of A+ National Pre-apprenticeship Maths and Literacy write-in workbook resources help to prepare students seeking to gain a variety of apprenticeships, traineeships and accreditations. They combine practical, real-world scenarios and terminology specifically relevant to their chosen industry, and provide students with the mathematical and literacy skills they need to confidently pursue a career within that trade. Mirroring the format of current accreditation entry assessments, Pre-accreditation Maths and Literacy for Beauty Therapy includes hundreds of questions to improve students’ potential of gaining a successful assessment outcome of 75’80% and above. This workbook will therefore help to increase students’ eligibility to obtain a Beauty Therapy Accreditation. Pre-accreditation Maths and Literacy for Beauty Therapy further supports and consolidates concepts that students studying VET (Vocational Educational Training) may use, as a number of VCE VET programs are

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