A+ Pre-Apprenticeship Maths and Literacy for Aged Care [Workbook CD]

  • Andrew Spencer
  • A+National Publishing
  • 22/4/2013
  • ISBN: 9780170241717

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Pre-apprenticeship (or Pre-accreditation) Maths and Literacy helps to prepare students seeking to gain a variety of apprenticeships and traineeships. These write-in workbooks combine practical, real-world scenarios and terminology specifically relevant to their chosen industry, and provide students with the mathematical and literacy skills they need to confidently pursue a career within that trade. Mirroring the format of current apprenticeship entry assessments, Pre-apprenticeship Maths and Literacy includes hundreds of questions to increase students’ eligibility to obtain an apprenticeship or traineeship. It also supports and consolidates concepts that students studying VET (Vocational Educational Training) may use.

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