A+ HSC Year 12 Mathematics Standard 2 Practice Exams

  • Adrian Kruse
  • Cengage Learning
  • ETA Jul 2021
  • ISBN: 9780170459211

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A+ HSC Mathematics is a new series of Study Notes and Practice Exams books written by experienced teachers, HSC markers and writers who have taught the new courses.
Study Notes contain summary notes and graded practice questions, grouped by broad topic.
Practice Exams contain topic exams and practice HSC exams written in the style of the HSC exam. Worked solutions are provided along with expert advice, including solutions to the 2020 HSC, the first exam for the new course.
Both books feature topic grids that identify how each topic was tested in past HSC exams (2011-2020).

  • Written by experienced teachers, HSC markers and writers and mapped strictly to the new syllabuses
  • Includes syllabus updates and 2020 HSC exam solutions and advice
  • Expert comments on HSC questions, marking, studying and exam preparation
  • HSC exam topic grid (2011-2020) for each topic


About the Author

Adrian Kruse is Head of Mathematics at Macarthur Anglican School, Cobbity and has taught for over 20 years. He has been involved in HSC marking. Adrian is a course specialist for HSC Mathematics Standard 2, creating video tutorials and print content for Edrolo and presenting HSC workshops for The School For Excellence (TSFX).

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